Faux Living Green Wall New York

VistaGreen design spells curtains for dull courtyard.

A city courtyard can add a touch of indoor / outdoor sophistication to a property as well as providing a relaxing space for entertaining. With city property prices rising, more and more people opt to optimise yard space by creating an extra room. We were recently contacted by a client whose courtyard area was dull, dark and, altogether uninspiring. The client was stumped as to how to inject light and life into the small space and, so, along with The Garden Builders, we set about opening the curtains to let the sunshine in.

The small, square shaped courtyard was surrounded by walls made up of thin, wooden slats which produced a slightly ‘hemmed in’ effect and, the space featured a decorative Domus geometric tile floor. The VistaGreen team agreed that floor-based plantwork which limit the space further and would hide the detail of the tiled floor, therefore, it was decided that vertical garden green walls were the way to go. During our briefing, the client had told us that he was looking for a cool grey colour them but with a little colour to add warmth and light. He had, he told us, considered live vegetation for the space but was put off by the expense and maintenance and irrigation required for this - which meant that VistaGreen’s artificial green wall faux foliage would be perfect for his needs. Having examined the space, the crew decided that wall to wall green would be overpowering for such a small room and so, instead, they opted for slim, single panels placed evenly around the courtyard would work best. VistaGreen panels of spiky and luxurious leaves were created and installed flush to the walls, leaving a section of slatted wall in between each. The overall effect was that of lush green curtains framing each section of wall which had been painted in the client’s chosen colour scheme. The Garden Builders then added strategically placed pots of natural plantlife to complement the beautiful, low maintenance walls and to enhance the straight line timber walls.

faux living green walls

Grey and green should definitely be seen. The client was over the moon with his new and elegantly sophisticated courtyard and couldn’t believe that the whole installation took less than a day to complete. Impressed by the incredibly high quality of VistaGreen’s artificial faux foliage, the client was even more impressed with the fact that, not only can his new walls be recycled but, they can also be easily customised with colour boxes, should he decide on a change of scenery.

At VistaGreen, we take great pride in the quality of our green panels - all of which are fire resistant, recyclable and, incredibly low maintenance as well as being UV protected. Our pride is reflected in our market-leading five year guarantee on all VistaGreen products.
Faux Living Green Walls New York Vertical Gardens Luxurious Panels
Faux Living Green Walls New York Vertical Gardens Luxurious Panels
Faux Living Green Walls New York Vertical Gardens Luxurious Panels
Faux Living Green Walls New York Vertical Gardens Luxurious Panels
Faux Living Green Walls New York Vertical Gardens Luxurious Panels
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