Indoor Green Walls

The owners of this private home wanted to bring the outdoors and nature into their bathroom, creating the ultimate relaxation zone. Their vision could not be realised with live planting, however, because of physical restrictions, so VistaGreen’s luxurious panels offered an appealing aesthetic and practical alternative.

Living Green Wall Ideas

The VistaGreen artificial green wall panels were customised to the design plan, covering surfaces from ceiling to floor, and around small sections of wall. The panels were cut into diagonal shapes and specific dimensions to fit the overall scheme. The designers ideas appreciated the flexibility of our system, which allowed them to create a highly imaginative and stimulating bespoke environment. Space was saved by cutting around alcoves a windows, better than living green walls, with zero maintenance.

VistaGreen artificial green walls can be sited virtually anywhere. They’re equally at home either indoor or outdoor and, while installations in outdoor areas are a very popular choice, they can go in pretty much any room of the house as well, giving you your own maintenance-free indoor garden.

The owner of this property in Earls Court, London, wanted to do something a little bit different. She’d seen our work in various places before but wondered whether it would be suited to a bathroom refurbishment. The answer – why not? The unusual shapes of the areas that the client was looking to cover proved not to be too difficult for our experienced design team who absolutely love a challenge and a chance to work on a project that is a bit different.

Vistagreen’s Signature panels of lush green foliage come in a standard 80cm x 80cm size, making them both sturdy and lightweight. But the beauty of the product is that it can be cut to virtually any size to suit the needs of the project. Narrow strips, curved plains and atypical shapes are all in a days work for our expert installation team who will always find a solution, no matter how complicated it seems.

The client was worried about the effects that constant exposure to water and humidity would have on the panels, but our 5-year UK warranty made all those concerns fade away and gave the client complete reassurance. Our panels are not only ultra-realistic, but built to last as well, with no damage caused by harsh sunlight, freezing temperatures or constant wetting and drying. If anything, a bit of condensation on the leaves will simply add to the realism.

The client also wanted to add some strong bursts of colour to the wall, to make it an eye-catching installation that serves as much as a statement piece as it does as a wall covering. By utilising one of our soft lavender colour boxes, comprising of pieces of stunningly beautiful lavender foliage, the installation quickly came to life.

VistaGreen truly is the number 1 solution on the market when it comes to artificial green walls. Whether a small project for your home or a large commercial project, our walls will bring excitement and luxury to any space you can imagine. Our walls are simple to install, giving you an instant design feature that stays in bloom all year round. Why not challenge VistaGreen to green your space today.
Artificial indoor greenery mirror for bathroom renovation including ferns and lavender to create the ultimate natural relaxation zone designed by VistaGreen.
Artificial indoor greenery mirror for bathroom renovation including ferns and lavender to create the ultimate natural relaxation zone designed by VistaGreen.
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