Indoor & Outdoor Privacy Screening

The VistaGreen system supports any decorative or screening requirement for interior or exterior spaces. Our luxurious greenery complements and beautifully sets off highlighted design elements, providing natural backdrops and environments creating contrast and interest.

For gardens, VistaGreen offers a lush screening feature to complement real planting, especially in shady areas where natural light would be problematic, or an instant green refresh that does away with waiting for vertical planting to ‘settle’. Garden designers and landscape architects welcome the greater flexibility VistaGreen’s solution affords.

This stone Buddha sculpture was the focal point of an Oriental-themed town garden in Fulham. The client desired an appealing green backdrop to complete the tranquil mood of the space. However, the client also wanted a no-maintenance solution that eliminated the need for real planting. VistaGreen provided the perfect alternative – hassle-free, attractive greening that is easily installed for an instant wow factor.

Weather Resistant Privacy Screening

Our UV-stable signature panels provided the high-impact visual contrast to the stone sculpture, with soft, organic forms enveloping the figure. The hyper-realistic foliage heightened the placid effect of the scheme and the Delicate White Colour Box added depth, variation and contrast colour to the final look.

VistaGreen’s painstakingly detailed foliage panels look like the real thing you have to touch and smell them to discover otherwise. Our flexible and innovative system offers creative design inspirations for architects and interior designers, providing them with an innovative and complementary plant display to transform facades into stunning vertical showcases of colour, texture and composition.

The naturalistic, random arrangement of the foliage on VistaGreen’s Signature Panels mimics the natural growing patterns of living plants, creating a realistic evocation of nature that provides the same aesthetic and therapeutic benefits as real planting. With its life-like foliage panels that perfectly capture the colours, forms and movements found in nature, VistaGreen artificial green wall create environments with a natural look that provide a sustained and uplifting affiliation with nature.

Made to last, VistaGreen offers excellent customer value for durability and high-quality finish. Our Signature Panels are manufactured to ISO 9001, making them weather-resistant in all climate conditions.  The UV stability minimizes fading, ensuring lush, year-round green for exterior environments, especially for privacy screening, outdoor rooms and roof terraces.
Interior & Exterior weather resistant screening, uv stable artificial green wall panels by VistaGreen minimise fading, signature panels are manufactured to ISO
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